This week, I made Jekyllist. Quite simply,

Jekyllist is a web UI for Jekyll.

I found booting up my laptop and firing up my Git client to do something as simple writing a blog post useless. I wanted the convenience of WordPress, but the elegance of Jekyll. So I created Jekyllist.

Jekyllist targets GitHub pages users only, since that's the most popular way of hosting a Jekyll blog as of now. It's pretty simple: log in and start writing.

How? Is this magic?

Nope. Jekyllist is a Rails app which uses GitHub's APIs for pretty much everything. It uses GitHub OAuth for authentication, based on the github-api gem. That gem is the heart of Jekyllist, and it does all the heavy lifting for us. On the front end, you have EpicEditor (the awesome super-powerful textbox you're typing into). Jekyllist stores only your login and OAuth Token, so that we don't have to query GitHub for every single request. And the best of all, it is free and will always be. You can find it on GitHub and make it better too.

Guess the best thing: I'll write more often.

I hope that this will make Jekyll more user-friendly and less intimidating.